Zachary Mark

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This résumé is also available as a PDF.

Zachary Mark
222 Knox Creek Trl NW
Madison, AL 35757
phone: (505) 500-4540


I want to make awesome character animations.


Army Game Studio

Software Engineering Directorate
Hackberry Rd Bldg 6264
Redstone Arsenal, AL 35898

Lead Animator

July 2012 - present

  • animation lead for America's Army: Proving Grounds

Animator / Technical Artist

March 2010 – July 2012

  • brought characters from simple geometry to fully rigged and animated game assets
  • Maya, MotionBuilder, Unreal Engine 3, and Vicon IQ
  • animation and rigging
  • wrote scripts to improve the animation pipeline
  • created the animation tree within Unreal


Animator / 3D Artist

August 2009 - February 2010

  • animation and rigging for in-game characters in Maya

Liquid Development

411 SW 2nd Ave.
Suite 300
Portland, OR 97204

3D Artist

December 2008 - June 2009

  • character rigging and animation in Maya
  • all aspects of 3D game asset production (3ds max and Maya)

World Builder

August 2007 - December 2008

  • worldbuilding for the PC/Xbox360/PS3 game Damnation (scheduled release early 2009)
  • brought levels from blockout stage to final polished version
  • developed the player path, placed buildings and deco objects
  • developed lighting
  • placed special effects

Reality Engineering

4800 NW Camas Meadows Dr.
Suite 210
Camas, WA 98607

Lead Character Animator

June 2004 - June 2007

  • created animated sequences for dental patient education (such as demonstrating the correct way to floss under dental bridges)
  • modeling, animation, lighting, rendering, and compositing for those educational pieces
  • lead animator for two shorts to instruct children about good dental hygiene
  • set up and maintained the company's render farm
  • assisted co-workers with Maya


Maya 13 years
Photoshop 10 years
Illustrator 9 years
MEL script 7 years
After Effects 7 years
UnrealEd 6 years
3ds max 6 years
Python 4 years
Animation:Master 4 years
MotionBuilder 4 years


3D computer animation 11 years
rigging / character setup 11 years
3D modeling (poly, sub-d, NURBS) 4 years
shader creation, texturing, lighting 3 years
traditional 2D animation 1 year


The Art Institute of Portland

1122 NW Davis Street
Portland, OR 97209

October 2002 - March 2004

BS - Computer Science
Majored in Media Arts and Animation


America's Army: Proving Grounds (scheduled for 2015)

The fourth game in the America's Army series. I developed the animation system from pre-production to the final product. I was also responsible for keeping the animation team on schedule, communicating with the offsite animators, and maintaining a high quality of animation.

Army Training (2011)

A series of “serious” games, designed to simulate various operations performed by the army. Realism and lifelike movement were a priority. I was responsible for building a new animation system in Unreal Engine 3, and for creating animations for that system. I also wrote several MEL and Python scripts to improve our animation pipeline.

Freaky Pets (2009)

An online game in which player-controlled creatures are pitted against one another in turn-based 1-on-1 battles. Freaky Pets was developed for PC, Mac, and mobile devices. I rigged, skinned, and created animations for several creature pets.

Damnation (2009)

A game for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. Damnation combines vertical space, acrobatic adventure, and third-person shooter gameplay. I was responsible for developing levels from blockout to the final product.

Attack of the Biofilm (2006)

An educational short intended to teach children about the biofilm that builds on their teeth when they don't brush. In addition to animation, my work included modeling, rigging, and texturing one of the two villains.

Seal the Deal (2005)

A short animation intended to teach kids why they may need sealants to prevent cavities. In addition to animation, my work included rigging and texturing the hero and lighting and texturing one of the two sets.

Lifecycle (2003)

A short animation that depicts the daily grind of working life. I was responsible for character rigging and most of the animation. Lifecycle won first place in the group category for the 2003 international animation contest held by Hewlett Packard, The Art Institutes International, and Saytek. Lifecycle was exhibited at the Hewlett Packard booth at SIGGRAPH 2003.

Bubbles (2002)

A short animation in which a fish discovers a new toy in its tank. Bubbles won first place in the individual category for the 2002 international animation contest held by Hewlett Packard, The Art Institutes International, and Saytek, and was exhibited at the Hewlett Packard booth at SIGGRAPH 2002.